FTM Chest Binders

Discover binders that are tailor-made just for you, featuring a built-in compression layer for ultimate comfort and support.


Our double-stitched design adds an extra layer of durability, while the zig-zag stitching ensures you have the flexibility you need.


Want a custom fit? Opt for our adjustable hooks and clasps on one side.


Choose from a palette of colours that suit your style: classic white, sleek black, or neutral beige.


Check out the image on the left to see our longer version—it's perfect for tucking into your trousers for a seamless look.

FTM Packing Underwear

Snap a picture of your preferred underwear from stores like Woolworths, Pick n' Pay, or any brand you love. Send it our way, and we'll find the same pair from a store near us.


Then, we'll expertly customize it for you, adding a discreet inner pocket and a secure clip designed to hold your packer in place.


(Just a heads-up, we don't supply packers, but our customized underwear is compatible with most brands.)

FTM Swimming Trunks

Spot a pair of swim trunks you love at your go-to store? Take a picture and send it to us.


We'll find the same style close to us and give it our special touch. Your trunks will be customized with a sewn-in pouch and a secure clip, specifically designed to hold your packer safely in place while you make a splash.