Pricing and Sizing




FTM Chest Binder Pricing and Sizing:


Your binder will be made based on the measurements you provide. Accurate measurement is key to ensuring you love how it fits and feels.



Chest Measurement



76-81 cm



82-87 cm



88-92 cm



93-97 cm



98-102 cm



103-107 cm



108-112 cm



113-117 cm



Extra length(26cm longer): R70

Extra long binder for sizes XL and up: R95
Hooks & claws: R25



For sizes XL and up (98-102 cm and higher), we suggest getting an extra-long binder for an extra R95. Because, after seven years of making binders, we've learned that people with larger chests like the extra length. It's easier to tuck into pants and simpler to put on over your head thanks to side hooks and clasps.


Want a tighter fit? Choose the hooks and clasps option. They give you more control over how snug your binder feels. The side stays open and only closes at the top with these hooks and clasps.


Packing Underwear Pricing: 


Pick out a 3-pack of underwear from Pick n' Pay Clothing, Mr Price, Woolworths, or Edgars and snap a photo. We'll buy the same ones and add an inner pocket to keep your packer secure. The pocket closes with a press stud for extra safety. The cost of the underwear we have to purchase will be added to your total.





  • Cost per pocket: R50
  • Optional hole in the front: R30 extra



How to Measure Chest for Binder: Additional Tips for Accurate Sizing

This video provides an easy explanation of how to measure your chest circumference:


If you already have a binder that fits you well, measure it from underarm to underarm and provide that measurement when you place your order. Keep in mind that different materials have varying levels of stretch, so there might be a slight difference of about one centimetre.


When measuring your chest for a binder, wrap the measuring tape under your arms, over your nipples, and around your body. The point where the tape meets is your circumference size. You can wear a tight-fitting T-shirt, bra, or sports bra during this process. Each size has a 5 cm leeway, similar to regular clothing sizes. I'll make the binder 13 cm smaller than your circumference for a snug fit. Don't subtract the 13 cm yourself; just send me your straight-up measurement. Your parcel will include instructions on how to adjust the fit if needed. Be cautious not to tighten it too much in the middle back, or you won't be able to put it on over your head.


If you opt for the hooks and claws, the second row will be 2 cm from the first. Using the second row will make the binder 15 cm smaller than your breast circumference.


It's important for the binder to fit comfortably without cutting into your skin. To get a feel for the fit, you can cut a piece of bandage the same size as your measurement, place it over your breasts, and then pull it in by 13 cm.


Note for Gym-Goers: If you have developed arm and shoulder muscles but have a smaller chest circumference, a small size won't fit unless you opt for the hook-and-claw version.


For Larger Sizes: If you need a larger size, the non-stretchable front panel will compress your chest but may hang loosely under your breasts. In this case, it's better to go for the longer version that can be tucked into your trousers.