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Banking details

D J van Steenderen
Checkers money transfer - you pay Checkers and get a reference number and pin number which you send me, and I collect the money at a Checkers branch. You can also use FNB's Money Wallet, or send money to my cell phone.

FOR EFT please use this account:  CAPITEC: (470010) 1322438364 D J van Steenderen
PLEASE make sure you put the same name on your reference than on your order.  It is very confusing when someone orders a binder and another person pays - I have a hard time tracing who's who! Please do not just write "binder". 

NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES:  FNB, Standard Bank, Absa and Nedbank allow payments to the RSA without having to do Forex. Please check with your bank.  Postnet uses DHL to send parcels to neighbouring countries.  A binder will cost R470 to get to you and no import duties are payable as long as the value is less than R500.