Recommendations-Trans Binders FTM


  • JS on open-sided binder: " I cannot thank you enough. It is perfect. I will be sure to post a review for you.  I absolutely love the open panel and your work is so neat. It isn't uncomfortable at all and doesn't affect breathing in the least bit. My next order will definitely be one with the hook panel.
  • Cape Town client: "Thank you so much.  Really great product.  Fits perfectly thank you"
  • "Many thanks for the binders - they fit well".  Zimbabwe client
  • "I got the parcel, thank you! I'm very happy with it"
  • "I got my binder today - thank you so much - it fits  perfectly.  I'm happy with the results"
  • "I received my parcel yesterday. The packers look great and the binder works like a charm. ... The inner fabric lining the front is also really nice.  It's stable and not riding up at all which is great".
  • "Got my parcel. It's awesome and fis so perfectly. I'm happy :)"
  • "It's a lot more comfortable than I expected, but it binds really well. I love the material! So far I'm really happy with it :D. Thank you!"
  • "Thank you very much, you just made my day"
  • "They fit perfectly!"
  • "I am so impressed with you work, I thank you so so much"
  • "Wow, I'm very impressed doing business with you"
  • "Super comfy"
  • "I love how easy it is to put on and take off as well. It's comfy and breathable"
  • "Just got my binder. I love it so much!"
  • "Thank you again for the lovely work you do. Happy customer here!"
  • "Thank you a million times!"
  • "It conceals my chest very well, and the quality is amazing"
  • "Your mission behind the company is great, and it makes a huge impact on the community. Your son is very lucky to have a supporting mom"
  • "Absolutely perfect!!!! Everything fits. I'm very grateful for this"