Sizes-Trans Binders FTM


I make binders according to these measurements:
X-SMALL (76-81cm)  R280           
SMALL  (82 - 87 cm)  R280               
MEDIUM (88 - 92cm) R330               
LARGE (93-97 cm)     R330               
EXTRA LARGE - XL (98-102)  R380
2XX LARGE (103-107)  R380

From XL I prefer to only make the extra long version (R60 extra). I leave the side open, only closing at the top  with the hooks  and claws.  If you don't want the hooks and claws, I leave slits open at the bottom so that the binder doesn't "climb up"  over your  hips.

HOOKS AND CLAWS: R40.  These are recommended if you want it still tighter as the second row of claws are 2cm from  the front row.  I  usually leave  the whole side open  then -  it will just close at the top with the hooks and claws.

The best measurement would be if you have an existing binder that fits snugly. Put it on your bed and measure it from under-arm to under-arm, and provide me with that measurement.  I will make it exactly the same size.  Keep in mind that not all materials have the same stretchability, so there could be one centimetre or so difference.

Please measure yourself under-arm over the nipples and around your body. Where the measuring tape meets, will be your circumference size.  You can wear a tight fitting T-shirt, bra or sports bra when you measure. There is a play of 5cm for each size, the same as when you buy clothes in a shop.  I make the binder 13cm  smaller than your circumference in order to give you a snug fit. Please don't take the 13cm off yourself:  just send me your measurement. I include instructions in your parcel how to make your binder smaller if you find it too loose-fitting. Make sure you don't take it in too much in the middle back - you won't be able to get it over your head. If  you take the hooks and claws, the second row  of claws is 2cm from the first row, so all in all if you  use that second row, the binder will be 15cm smaller than your breast circumference.  The hooks and claws are R40 extra.

You don't want this binder so tight that it cuts into you skin - it should fit comfortably.  In order to get a feel for the fit, you can take your measurement with a measuring tape, cut a piece of bandage the same size, and place the bandage over your breasts.  Now pull the bandage in with 13cm and feel how tight the binder will be over your breasts.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you go to the gym regularly and developed your arm and shoulder muscles, but still have a small chest circumference, a small will not fit you, unless  you buy the hook-and-claw version. If you buy the normal binder, you will split the seams trying to force it over your shoulders.

If you require a large size, please remember that the non-stretchable front panel will suppress your breasts, but it will hang loosely under the breasts.  In that case (if you are large-chested) it is better to order the longer version that you can tuck into your trousers. The longer version is 23cm longer than the short version. If you take a very large size, I make it 29cm longer.